Newly renovated Engen East Cape Fuels Depot Gantry

Engen Petroleum LTD has appointed PetroENG to do remedial works at the Engen East Cape Fuel Terminal in Queenstown Eastern Cape province.

The contract comprises various aspects of engineering works such as civil, structural, mechanical, and fire-fighting related works.

The civil works comprise of: layer works to new hardstand areas, various concrete works, new ring beam for the water reservoir, drainage works for oily water and clean water systems, installations of separators, bund floor sealing, bund wall upgrade, new receipt, and offloading pump bays, and various other civil related works.

The structural works comprise of: a new loading gantry with mezzanine floor and fall protection, a new fire-fighting building, a new foam manifold and foam station, a new water reservoir for fire-fighting purposes, and various other types of structural related works.

The Mechanical works comprise of: new product piping and equipment installation to and between the various structures including the bunded areas, the population of product piping and equipment to all pump bays, new product piping to the gantry including equipment for loading and offloading purposes, new fire fighting piping and equipment between the various structure including the pumphouse building, new gantry, bunded areas, etc., the population of fire fighting piping and equipment to the fire pumphouse, manifold and foam station, pipework to the reservoir and all tie-in between pumphouse, etc.

The project was done in various stages and the duration was approximately 2 years, the project was successfully completed, commissioned, and handed over to East Cape Fuels end of February 2022 and is currently fully operational.

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