Petroleum Pump & tank Maintenance and Installations

Civil & Structural Engineering Services

PetroENG is an accredited provider of petroleum maintenance and civil engineering services to the petroleum industry in South Africa.

Our civil engineers help plan, design, construct and maintain petroleum facilities. Our services are focused on upgrading and rebuilding sites, stations and forecourts.


Our Civil & Structural Services:

  • Bundwalls, bund floor sealing, drainage & separators
  • Road loading and receipt pump bays
  • Concrete hardstand areas (layer works & concrete works)
  • Offloading and loading spill slabs including associated layer works
  • Gantry loading & offloading facilities including fall protection, folding stairs, and mezzanine floors
  • Forecourt hardstand areas (layer works, concrete works, internal drainage systems, concrete islands & paving)
  • Forecourt canopies (including civil support bases)
  • Fire reservoir pump stations, fire manifolds, and foam stations
  • Product tank foundations, civil & structural (horizontal and vertical)
  • Inspection platform structural works, including mezzanine floors, folding stairs, and fall protection

Mechanical Engineering Services

PetroENG performs petroleum installations in South Africa for Petrol Stations, Petroleum companies, and other petrochemical industry clients.

We have been operating since 2013, providing quality diesel tank repairs and general petroleum maintenance services of the highest standards and ensure the necessary safety and compliance standards are adhered too.

Fire reservoir pump stations, fire manifolds, and foam stations

Our Mechanical Services:

  • Depot related product piping and associated equipment
  • Bulk Tank repairs in (horizontal & vertical)
  • Depot-related fire fighting piping, piping & equipment including fire pump installations, etc.
  • Loading and unloading gantries, piping, and equipment including loading hoses and arms
  • Pump & tank installations (below ground & above ground)
  • Forecourt mechanical piping installations including dispensers etc.
  • Product pump bays,  piping & equipment including pump installations, etc.
  • Fuel lines pressure testing (below and above ground)
  • Removal of underground and above ground fuel tanks
  • Fuel tank pressure testing (above and below ground)
  • Bulk fuel tank painting (external & internal)

Bulk Fuel Tank Installation

Bulk fuel tanks are suitable for businesses that require large amounts of fuel for their daily operations. These installations are usually customized to meet the specific needs of each business.

At PetroENG, we offer bulk fuel tank installations with a proven track record of delivering quality installations, from experienced professionals, and use high-quality materials to ensure the tanks are durable and secure.


Our Fuel Tank Installation Services:

  • Bulk fuel tank installations
  • Underground fuel tanks installation
  • Pump and tank contracting
  • Diesel tank installation contracting
  • Above-ground diesel tank installations
  • Petrol and diesel tank installation contracting
  • Fuel pipeline contracting

Electrical Engineering Services

PetroENG provides specialized electrical engineering services for depots and forecourts, including below-ground electrical sleeves and cable support structures. 

Our solutions ensure safe and efficient electrical installations, tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Engen Garage

Our Electrical Services:

  • Forecourt related electrical sleeves (below ground)
  • Electrical cable support structures
  • Safe and efficient electrical engineering
  • Specialized solutions

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    Our artisans are highly trained and our welders are tested in compliance with ASME IX and work according to the API specifications in quality control. PetroEng achieved a Level 1 BEE status and our staff hold shares in the company.