Petroleum Maintenance Services

PetroENG is a leading petroleum engineering company based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Our primary focus is EPCM type engineering projects within the petrochemical industry. We focus on providing our clients with the most cost effective solutions, quality control, and safety requirements within the petrochemical industry.


Depot & Mechanical

We can provide you with mechanical engineering services to ensure that diesel tanks are in pristine condition and all pipelines are fitted and tested to meet industry-leading standards.

We specialise in:

  • Fabrication of pipelines
  • Diesel and underground tank repairs
  • Pressure testing on pipelines

Installation of Diesel Tanks & Pipework

Our team is highly experienced in the installation of pipework (above and underground) as well as diesel tank installation and bulk depot storage facilities.

This includes and not limited to:

  • Bulk depot storage facilities and pipelines
  • Retail site pump and tank (diesel tanks, fuel tanks, underground tanks) installation
  • Underground pipework, including installer-friendly KPS Petrol Pipe System™

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers help plan, design, construct and maintain petroleum facilities. Our services are focused on upgrading and rebuilding sites, stations and forecourts.

Such as:

  • Upgrade of retail sites/service stations and rebuilding of an entire forecourt

Sustainability is an integral aspect of PetroENG’s ethos. We are continually benchmarking sustainability measures to monitor our environmental impact and ability to prevent and react to emergencies when they occur.

Why choose us for petroleum engineering?

We have been operating for over six years, providing expert services in diesel tank engineering and installations to many of South Africa’s biggest companies such as BP Southern Africa and Engen. Our workforce is expertly trained and certified to required regulations.



All necessary precautions and HSEQ requirements are met, as per the set and agreed rules and regulations that govern customer requirements.


PetroENG has a fully-integrated HSEQ Management System and has been audited for compliance by various vendors. (BPSA, Engen) the management system explains how we will meet the requirements to keep people, the environment safe as well as how assets will be maintained, and reputation kept intact.


The scope of the HSEQ policy covers our activities related to contract work, transport, delivery, and environmental clean-up operations of PetroENG.

We are committed to health, safety, environment, and quality excellence in all of its activities wherever we operate. To achieve this, the goals of everyone working for us will be to take reasonable, practical steps to prevent and eliminate risks through a commitment to the following:

  • We shall protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of all stakeholders and the community in all our areas of operations.
  • We shall take proactive steps towards conservation and protection of the environment and use the natural resources effectively.
  • We shall protect our assets and ensure asset integrity to minimise damage.
  • We shall consistently meet our agreed customer requirements and ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services.
  • We shall comply with all applicable laws and apply responsible standards, as required by the client, where these laws do not exist.
  • We shall ensure continual improvement in the management of health, safety, environment, and quality performance by setting and reviewing clear objectives, plans, and measurable targets.
  • We shall ensure that contingency plans are in place to effectively deal with emergencies.
  • We shall take individual and personal responsibility for adherence to policies, procedures, safe work practices, and behaviors.
  • We shall adhere to our customer HSEQ requirements, rules, and regulations at all times as required.
  • This policy statement will be reviewed as and when necessary for continued suitability.


Absolutely. We rely on petroleum for infrastructure to function and use diesel tanks (above and underground) on a daily basis. Due to the hazards associated with fuel, it’s essential that tanks are installed by experts to ensure complete safety.

PetroENG’s sister company, Bevlon, is a leading diesel tank maintenance company. They use superior-quality sandblasting methods which remove contaminants that build up in fuel tanks.

Fuel is extremely flammable; therefore, it’s vital to keep an eye out for leaks and tank deterioration such as rust or corrosion. Diesel fuel, paint and degreasing solvents are highly flammable. Also, situate diesel storage tanks away from buildings. Make sure you keep fuels away from children.

Fuel tank safety is any precautionary measure to reduce potential danger from the highly-flammable substance.