PetroENG is an accredited provider of petroleum maintenance and civil engineering services to the petroleum industry in South Africa

We offer superior quality civil petroleum engineering services focused on upgrading and rebuilding entire service stations to ensure your and your customers’ safety. Our team of accredited civil engineering experts prides itself on the high standards of work we deliver.

Our Civil & Structural Services:

  • Bundwalls, bund floor sealing, drainage & separators
  • Road loading and receipt pump bays
  • Concrete hardstand areas (layer works & concrete works)
  • Offloading and loading spill slabs including associated layer works
  • Gantry loading & offloading facilities including fall protection, folding stairs, and mezzanine floors
  • Forecourt hardstand areas (layer works, concrete works, internal drainage systems, concrete islands & paving)
  • Forecourt canopies (including civil support bases)
  • Fire reservoir pump stations, fire manifolds, and foam stations
  • Product tank foundations, civil & structural (horizontal and vertical)
  • Inspection platform structural works, including mezzanine floors, folding stairs, and fall protection

Why you need our services

Our experienced team can upgrade of retail sites/ service stations as well as the rebuilding of an entire forecourt. We apply proficient design and construction methods so that retail sites/ service stations are able to function optimally.

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Effective Management Systems

PetroENG has a fully integrated HSEQ Management System and has been audited for compliance by various vendors (BPSA, Engen). The management system clarifies how we will meet the requirements to keep people and the environment safe as well as how assets will be preserved, and reputation kept unharmed. If not managed properly, it can create:

• Unsafe working environment for workforce – Increase in potential accidents and injuries
• Health, safety & environmental hazards (diesel tank oil leakage )
• Mechanical faults to pipework and tanks
• Costly damages


The scope of the HSEQ policy covers our activities related to contract work, transport, delivery and environmental clean-up operations.

We are committed to health, safety, environment and quality excellence in all of its activities wherever we operate. To achieve this, the goals of everyone working for us will be to take reasonable, practical steps to prevent and eliminate any potential risks.

Our sister company, Bevlon, specialises in the cleaning of diesel fuel tanks. It’s crucial because if tanks aren’t cleaned properly, they accumulate dirt, dust and grease. Professional cleaning of diesel tanks prolongs fuel storage life and prevents damage.

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  • National Road Traffic Act
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations
  • Disaster Management Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Construction Regulations
  • Driven Machinery Regulations
  • Electrical Machinery Regulations
  • Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
  • Facilities Regulations
  • General Administrative Regulations
  • General Machinery Regulations
  • General Safety Regulations
  • Tobacco Product Control Act 83 of 1993


Our trade qualified, and experienced workforce has a broad range of skills including mechanical, engineering and fabrication. The team and welders are tested in compliance with ASME IX and work according to the API specifications in quality control.

PetroENG is a Level 1-BBBEE contributor.

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    Our artisans are highly trained and our welders are tested in compliance with ASME IX and work according to the API specifications in quality control. PetroEng achieved a Level 1 BEE status and our staff hold shares in the company.