PetroENG performs petroleum installations in South Africa for petrol stations, petroleum companies, and other petrochemical industry clients.

We have been operating since 2013, providing quality diesel tank repairs and general petroleum maintenance services of the highest standards and ensure the necessary safety and compliance standards are adhered too.

Our Mechanical Services:

  • Depot related product piping and associated equipment
  • Bulk Tank repairs in (horizontal & vertical)
  • Depot-related firefighting piping, piping & equipment including fire pump installations, etc.
  • Loading and offloading gantries, piping, and equipment including loading hoses and arms
  • Pump & tank installations (below ground & above ground)
  • Forecourt mechanical piping installations including dispensers etc.
  • Product pump bays,  piping & equipment including pump installations, etc.
  • Fuel lines pressure testing (below and above ground)
  • Removal of underground and above ground fuel tanks
  • Fuel tank pressure testing (above and below ground)
  • Bulk fuel tank painting (external & internal)


  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Tank repair and restoration (above ground diesel tanks and underground tanks)
  • Pressure testing of pipelines

Pipe fabrication is the process of welding piping components into engineered piping systems according to customers’ design needs.

One of the vital elements of superior quality fabrication is thorough quality testing. It is crucial that any failure-prone pipes are identified and fixed before they are installed at the job site. Failure to detect defective pipes can have severe operational and economic consequences in the petroleum industry.


Pressure testing of pipelines in diesel and fuel tanks is a method used for determining the strengths and weaknesses of the pipes.


Why it’s important to repair diesel tanks?

Above-ground diesel storage tanks suffer from rust and corrosion that can continuously eat away at the tank. Over time, pieces of rust can drop to the bottom of the tanks and begins to slow down the flow rate of the diesel fuel.

Keep an eye out for any fuel leaking from the diesel tank; it’s vital that you enlist the services of professional engineers specialising in petroleum product repairs.

Never assume that your diesel tank is completely safe, even if it’s empty. Fuel vapours inside a dry fuel tank still have the potential to ignite long after the fuel has been removed. It’s in your benefit to buy a new tank to ensure you and your customers’ safety.

What can be done when a diesel tank has built up rust?

Rust and corrosion can severely impede the operation of above and underground, diesel tanks. To avoid this, tanks require maintenance every five years. PetroENG’s sister company, Bevlon is an industry leader in petroleum maintenance and offers sandblasting and paint services.

Bevlon’s superior quality sandblasting and painting service will ensure surface contaminants that accumulate in fuel and diesel tanks are removed. They also ensure pipelines are roughened, smoothed or shaped as needed.

Our expert staff can paint bulk fuel and diesel storage tanks impeccably. PetroENG and Bevlon together offer:

  • Sandblasting of tanks and pipelines – wet and dry blasting
  • Blasting and painting of bulk fuel storage tanks
  • Diesel tank repairs
  • Pipeline fabrication and pressure testing
  • Wet grid blasting in hazardous areas



  • National Road Traffic Act
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations
  • Disaster Management Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Construction Regulations
  • Driven Machinery Regulations
  • Electrical Machinery Regulations
  • Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
  • Facilities Regulations
  • General Administrative Regulations
  • General Machinery Regulations
  • General Safety Regulations
  • Tobacco Product Control Act 83 of 1993


The scope of the HSEQ policy covers our activities related to contract work, transport, delivery, and environmental clean-up operations of PetroENG.

We are committed to health, safety, environment, and quality excellence in all of its activities wherever we operate. To achieve this, the goals of everyone working for us will be to take reasonable, practical steps to prevent and eliminate risks.

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    Our artisans are highly trained and our welders are tested in compliance with ASME IX and work according to the API specifications in quality control. PetroEng achieved a Level 1 BEE status and our staff hold shares in the company.