As PetroENG’s customer work is predominantly outside its own premises, any necessary precautions and HSEQ requirements will be met, as per the set and agreed rules and regulations of the customer or circumstance.


PetroENG has a fully integrated HSEQ Management System and has been audited for compliance by various vendors (BPSA, Engen). The HSEQ management system explains how PetroENG will meet the requirements of no harm to people, the environment, how assets will be maintained and reputation kept intact.


The scope of the HSEQ policy covers our activities related to contract work, transport and delivery and environmental clean-up operations of PetroENG.

PetroENG is committed to health, safety, environment and quality excellence in all of its activities wherever we operate. To achieve this, the goals of everyone working for PetroENG shall be to take reasonable and practicable steps to prevent and eliminate risks through commitment to the following:

  • We shall protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of all stakeholders and the community in all our areas of operations.
  • We shall take proactive steps towards conservation and protection of the environment and use the natural resources effectively.
  • We shall protect our assets and ensure asset integrity to minimise damage.
  • We shall consistently meet our agreed customer requirements and ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services.
  • We shall comply with all applicable laws and apply responsible standards, as required by the client, where these laws do not exist.
  • We shall ensure continual improvement in the management of health, safety, environment and quality performance by setting and reviewing clear objectives, plans and measurable targets.
  • We shall ensure that contingency plans are in place to effectively deal with emergencies.
  • We shall take individual and personal responsibility for adherence to policies, procedures, safe work practices and behaviours.
  • We shall adhere to our customer HSEQ requirements, rules and regulations at all times as required.
  • This policy statement will be reviewed as and when necessary for continued suitability.

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    Our artisans are highly trained and our welders are tested in compliance with ASME IX and work according to the API specifications in quality control. PetroEng achieved a Level 1 BEE status and our staff hold shares in the company.