BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd has appointed PetroENG for the decommissioning of 4 underground tanks and fitting of 4 x 23 000L new tanks.

The contract comprises various aspects of engineering works such as civil and mechanical works.


  • PetroENG lifted the paving and decommissioned the 4 old underground bulk fuel tanks
  • Laid the drainage system and installed the 4 x 23 000L new underground bulk fuel tanks
  • We cast new concrete spill slabs on the forecourt and paved the rest of the forecourt
  • Building of manholes and separator pit


  • All the pipe work and fittings to and from the tanks were manufactured and installed by PetroENG
  • We fitted new dispensers
  • Pressure tested all lines to and from the tanks


  • 4 new 23 000L underground bulk diesel tanks
  • Separator tank

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